My Favorite CCM Experiences Since I Arrived

My Favorite CCM Experiences Since I Arrived

My time as an apprentice at the Center for Creative Media has been a once in a lifetime experience — and I have only been here two months. Every aspect of the program, from living in Tyler, TX, to learning from the staff and doing life with my fellow apprentices, has brought positive change into my life.

As soon as I arrived, we began what most schools would call orientation or welcome week, but at CCM, we call it the Vision Weeks. These two weeks consisted of various sessions, professional and spiritual classes and discussions. Although the Vision Weeks required following a rigorous schedule, the skills and knowledge we gained was well worth the difficult class schedule. I learned so much during this time, but most importantly, we learned the CCM staff really cared about us and wanted to start us off with a solid foundation.

Another exciting aspect of CCM is the hands-on environment — we really get the chance to learn by doing. As apprentices, we get to be a part of pre-production, production, post-production, social media marketing, and tons of other on-the-job tasks for real client projects. There’s always projects in motion and we are always on the move. The only limitation to our professional and spiritual development is self- motivation and initiative. When we are done with our daily assignments, we have the opportunity to shadow the professional staff at any time The learning experience really never ends.

The only limitation to our professional and spiritual development is self-motivation and initiative.

The best part about CCM is that it is a Christian apprenticeship. If I only grew in one way from my apprenticeship, strengthening my walk with Christ would be more than enough. Every week we set aside a night to meet in groups of four to seven for POV night. POV is a film acronym that refers to a camera’s “point of view.” During this time we have biblical discussions, share what we are going through in life, whether it be difficulties or joys, and encourage each other.  

Building community is a key part of the CCM experience and relationships centered on God’s word is the central function of POV nights.

These are just the highlights of my first two months as an apprentice. The foundation we built during Vision Week and the hands-on learning environment and spiritual development have not only helped me grow professionally and creatively, but I have also grown as an individual.

Video production school attendee Evan!Juan Vasquez III is 28 years old and is from in Karnes City, Texas. Jay is doing his part in spreading the Word of God by excelling as a Digital Marketing apprentice at the Center for Creative Media. He enjoys superhero/action movies, comics, and playing basketball on his spare time.

Jay Vasquez