It’s going to take more than good looks and talent to change the face of Hollywood for Christ. What will keep you standing strong when everyone else has fallen down? The Center for Creative Media gives you an edge by strengthening you in your walk with God while you learn how to navigate the industry scene.


We have a major emphasis on community, as well as classes and retreats that are designed to help you grow in your walk with God.


Are you strong enough to be the only Christian on a production staff? Will you stand firm in your convictions in one of the most non-Christian environments there is?


Character Development classes are intended to build up each CCM intern by establishing an integrity-filled foundation and developing the Godly character needed to be a part of the entertainment business.


Pursuit of God classes will help you define your relationship with the Lord, and Worldview classes will help you cultivate a broader perspective of the world and equip you to be a leader in Hollywood tomorrow.


During your two years at CCM, you will participate in several different retreats to provide times of reflection and refinement of the call God has placed on your life to change Hollywood.


During your entire internship, you will be part of a community group where friendships and accountability are at the core!


The kingdom of God is built on relationships. We need brothers and sisters in Christ to keep us strong and hold us accountable. Each intern meets consistently with an accountability partner within CCM—to learn how to rely on others, to fight for one another, and to pray for each other.


Your group will meet weekly and is designed to equip growing film and television professionals for life in the industry, dealing with everything from being humble to waiting for your big break. The Bible has a lot to say about Hollywood. It’s filled with truths about functioning in a secular environment, working under different types of bosses, and refusing to conform in the midst of pressure.

Close and Like-Minded

An inevitable part of being in production is that you become very close to the people that you are working alongside.


Additionally, a major bonus to coming to CCM is that you are alongside others who are pursuing the same thing with the same values you are. You encourage each other, pray for each other, and lift each other up as you grow spiritually and professionally.