The Story Of How I Became A Filmmaker

The Story Of How I Became A Filmmaker

Can I call myself a filmmaker? Insert your dream at the end of that sentence. Not everyone wants to be a filmmaker, but certainly finding where you belong, or what you’ll become, is something we all wrestle with and process through. First off let me introduce myself, my name is Isaiah Farr and I am a filmmaker.

It started with a passion. I have always loved watching all kinds of movies, but more importantly, I was drawn to the stories behind those films. As a child, I was already thinking about who I was going to be when I became an adult. I decided that the world has plenty of main character hero’s, so I wanted to the character telling the story — even if that meant I had to grow a white beard and walk with a staff.

From there, my love for storytelling only grew. From writer to journalist, to actor and film director, over the years the love has stayed the same — to be a storyteller. As my final year in high school was fast approaching, I had to make a big decision and answer a big question.
Who was I going to be?

As my final year in high school was fast approaching, I had to make a big decision and answer a big question. Who was I going to be?

If I am being completely honest my first thought wasn’t the expected answer. I thought I’d better play it safe, so I’ll be a farmer. I bet you’re now thinking to yourself “what happened to that childhood of passion and storytelling?” Through my four years of high school, I had not made a single complete short film on my own. Every attempt that I had made was a medley of mistakes and errors. All of these “awful” films were just more and more credit to the fact that I did not have what it took to be a filmmaker.

As it often does, however, my answer and direction came in the form a small leather bound book — God’s word. After a lot of reading and praying, I realized that it didn’t matter what I called myself. I would always be first and foremost a son of God, but as it says in Ephesians 4:11, “God has given us gifts to glorify him.” It was then that I made up my mind. I would take the challenge, endure the cross, and reach the lost — as a filmmaker.

Now almost a year later, I am an apprentice at the Center for Creative Media. In the end, I realize there will always be someone taller, faster, and better at making films and that just provides me a chance to learn and improve. While I am always growing my love for film, I am also focusing on my chase after a love everlasting with God. My sincere wisdom and prayer for anyone who is questioning if they can really make film and television? Turn your eyes toward Jesus, and know, you are a filmmaker.

Video production school attendee Isaiah!Isaiah Farr is an 18 year-old from Kansas City, Missouri. He is an aspiring writer, producer, director attending the Center for Creative Media as a production apprentice. Isaiah is the owner of multiple flannels, he believes in consuming hot cocoa before breakfast and after dinner, and a massive supporter of random dance parties.

Isaiah Farr